Open SB2 File

SB2 file extension is used by Scratch programming language to store a Scratch project, application data and required resources. Scratch is a programming language and environment which was created specifically to teach children how to code. Scratch is a block-based programming language which is available as an interpreter and visual code editing application. It is shipped for Windows, Linux and Mac OS as a desktop offline application. It is also available online via website.

To open SB2 file you can use offline version of Scratch. To download it navigate to Scratch Desktop download page and select platform for which you want to download Scratch (Windows or Mac OS is available). Click on “Download” button. Once scratch is downloaded and installed, launch it and select File->Load from your computer from the main Scratch menu. Select SB2 file you want to open and click Open. You Scratch project will be loaded into Scratch Desktop environment. To export file to SB2 select File->Save to your computer, type file name and click “Save”.
SB2 file extension is used by Scratch version 2.0. If you use Scratch version 3.0 or later then SB3 file extension will be used when you Save your project to disk. Original Scratch version 1.0 or 1.4 used SB file extension.

Scratch SB, SB2 and SB3 could be compiled into various other formats such as APP for Mac OS, EXE for Windows, SWF for Shockwave. For more information about SB, SB2 and SB3 conversion visit Porting Scratch Project page.

Since SB2 file extension could be only interpreted by a Scratch environment with limited access to file system and other critical operating functions it doesn’t pose a significant risk to a user computer. Thus, it is safe to download SB2 files from the internet.