.SVG File

SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics, and it is a vector format that
is little known but very useful for online use due to its flexibility and
the ability to offer quality graphics.

SVG is vector, which means it has all the advantages of any vector

It is scalable, light in weight and allows for greater definition at
reduced sizes, much larger than bitmap files.

The format is the same as that used with any vector program such as Corel
Draw or Adobe Illustrator.

SVG is an open and supported standard

Like the Flash format, which was also a vector format, owned by
Macromedia, that is, Adobe, the SVG format is an open, standard, XML-based

Although the first versions could not be viewed in different browsers,
today it is already a standard that works without problems in all

SVG became a W3C recommendation in 2001 and is now supported.

Because this is an XML-based format, we need to have some code control to
make an SVG file work properly.

The SVG file is used for fonts

The SVG format allows us, on the one hand, to use fonts with paths, but
it also allows us to include them within the file itself in TrueType and
Type 1 format, which gives us an extraordinary capacity in that search
engines are capable of indexing it.

Keep in mind that for the pure text placed as typography it has to be
either from the fonts installed in the system or included as a CSS style.

Projects like Iconic also use the SVG format to make a typography with
icons serve us for the different uses and needs of size and variation
depending on the actions we want.

Interactivity of an SVG file

SVG files are small in size, just like a vector file would be.

In addition to this, they support CSS styles, so if we change the style
on our website it will also change within the file.

These types of files can include scripts that allow dynamic changes.

The SVG is responsive

Currently, all websites are migrating to the responsive format, so we
find a multitude of icons that are resized based on the width of the

Normally the operation is usually to replace a bitmap icon with a smaller

With SVG you can use the same one and reduce it little by little, or use
various sizes but all of them are SVG with the advantage of better
visualization as they are vectorial.

SVG as a language

SVG, in another order of ideas, is also a language used to draw and
represent graphics, images and logos, that is, they are graphics that can
be manipulated with CSS and JavaScript.

These graphics, of the vectorized type, were created so that they can be
represented or rendered on the web and in browsers.

Software to open and work with an SVG file