.MIDI file

MIDI is a technology standard that describes a protocol, digital
interface, and connectors that allow various electronic musical
instruments, computers, and other related devices to connect and
communicate with each other.

A simple MIDI connection can transmit up to sixteen channels of data that
can each be connected to different devices.

However, MIDI is also a file format and extension and was developed for
the transfer of MIDI data from one application to another by musicians and
audio developers.

MIDI files store code that specifies notation, pitch, velocity, and
necessary control signals for various parameters, including volume, clock
signals, etc., that help synchronize tempo between multiple devices.

MIDI files allow multiple files to be played from a single controller.

The MIDI format is compact, easy to modify and allows you to choose the

These files are used by hardware MIDI devices as well as music playback

MIDI messages are made up of 8-bit (byte) words transmitted serially at
31.25 kbaud.

A MIDI link can contain sixteen independent data channels numbered 1 to

MIDI messages can be channel messages, perceivable only by devices
listening to that channel.

These channel messages are only sent through one of the 16 channels.

There are five message types: voice channel, system common, system
exclusive, channel mode, and real-time system.

The standard MIDI format can have two variations, either single track or

Software to open and work with a MIDI file