NOMEDIA file extension is used by Android No Media file. Files with NOMEDIA file extension are used exclusively on Android operating system either on phones or tablets or on Android formatted storage devices. Android operating system uses .nomedia file to specify that applications and operating system should not scan a folder with .nomedia file in it for images, videos and other media.

File with NOMEDIA file extension is not supposed to have any name and is typically named as .nomedia. Typically .nomedia file does not have to contain any content.

There is not much sense to open NOMEDIA file because it will be empty and won’t have any useful information. The only purpose of this file is to specify that content of the folder should not be indexed for media.

There are several good uses for NOMEDIA files. For example if you want to hide photos in a folder you can place a .nomedia file into the folder and photos won’t be visible for apps or photo browsing.

To create a .nomedia file connect your Android device to Windows or Mac OS desktop computer. After that navigate to a folder where you want to create .nomedia file. Launch Notepad on Windows or TextEdit on Mac OS. After that select “Save As…” from the main menu, select the folder where you want to save the file to, type .nomedia as a file name and click “Save” button.

You can use Nomedia app from g(x) apps or from Droida. Both apps allow you to browse Android device folders and select which folder content to hide or reveal.

File with NOMEDIA extension is safe to open on Android device or download to a desktop computer since it does not contain any information and is only used to define visibility of a content in a folder.