Open CAJ File

CAJ file extensions is used by China Academic Journals full-text database file publishing format.

China Academic Journal Articles. It is a format similar to PDF but it was specifically created for use by China Academic Journals (CNKI organization).

Alternatively, CAJ file could be generated by Autodesk Fabrication Products. CAJ file or Archived Job File will contain a full fabrication job details including a database of all settings of the Fabrication Products. Having settings in the file are frequently required when the job is transferred to another location or to a technical support representative.

To open CAJ file from China Academic Journals you can use CAJ Viewer . CAJ Viewer is a software similar to Adobe Acrobat Reader. It can open CAJ file, render page layout, perform operations with pages such as changing pages orientation, printing the file or exporting it. China Academic Journals is the only known provider of CAJ files and their contents are typically limited to articles originated from China.

To open CAJ files generated by Autodesk Fabrication Products you can use Autodesk Revit. Besides CAJ files, MAJ and ESJ files are frequently used to export information from Autodesk Fabrication Products software to Autodesk Revit.